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Digital Sales & Services is leading provider of online Products Sales & information services. Digital Sales & Services manages and promotes all electronic products for all branded and recognised manufacturers worldwide in order to meet the escalating demands of the global buying customers. 

Digital Sales & Services has global tie-ups with all branded manufacturers, individual manufacturers, Service centers. With the comprehensive central information system and database, Digital Sales & Services is able to provide information and best offers to the customers regarding various products. We intimate customers with new products and offers who have signed up for monthly newsletters. Which is why customers appreciate Digital Sales & Services for its prompt & immaculate services. 

Digital Sales & Services also helps customers by offering necessary information about products and assist them right through. We have useful guidelines for the buyers for their convenience. Our Customer Care cell is ready to suggest them various products and offers, give products information, best offers available, if you are manufacturer of electronic products and want to promote your products and give best offers you can give us and we will promote it free of cost.

Our Customer Support Staff is ever ready to help you in case you require any help regarding your purchase. Products Manufacturers, Service Centers are free to contact our Customer Support Staff .

Digital Sales & Services is an ideal platform for electronic products manufacturers to promote their products online. They can find their customers through our integrated information system where customers can book products quickly with lucrative discounts, last minute purchases as well as special deals. Hence we provide products manufacturers an opportunity to tap the customers merely by becoming our business partners. Becoming our partner is very easy. For details, please refer Submit Offers' section.